Brother’s Direct Scan Solution

Here's a short instructional film we produced for Brother (on behalf of City Press) to give users a brief overview of their new product; Direct Scan to SIMS Solution.

Brother's product aims to improve efficiency in storing school records digitally with quicker scanning, fewer errors and easier document search - all made easy with their ADS-2600We scanner and an advanced piece of software that acts as your personal digital filing assistant.

Brother filming

The video consists of a single sequence featuring a 'POV' shot of a school admin staff member's desk. It shows a user interacting with the scanner and desktop software. This was accompanied by some simple branded motion graphics and a voiceover to guide viewers through the stages of the process.

The video will be used online and as a sales tool for Brother resellers. So far, the feedback has been great...'First time I’ve seen this – amazing – absolutely spot on'.