Since relocating to Edinburgh three years ago, I've lost count of the number of Camera Operators, Editors, Motion Graphic Artists, Sound Recordists, Runners, Producers, DoPs and Directors we've worked with on projects. It's nice to know you can rely on a few local professionals, who really know their stuff, while having the flexibility of not needing them on staff full-time.

Since I started making films professionally, I've always liked working with other creatives on a project-to-project basis. However, with my work-load getting heavier and heavier over the past few months, I've considered employing a part-time Editor and/or Production Assistant to pick up the slack. Having researched various avenues, and consulted friends and colleagues who'd done the same, I kept coming back to the same point. For my particular position, there really was no beating my freelancers. Not literally. Sometimes literally.

Coolbox's Freelancers

Having said that, it's definitely taken me a while to find a group of freelancers that I really trust to go out and get the shots I want, without having to hold their hand at every step, or to be constantly worried what they're doing when they're out of sight (are they getting terrible unusable shots, saying inappropriate things to the client, or just sitting on their bum having a fag)? But my trust issues aside, the advantages of using freelancers far outway my need/want to keep in-house staff.

Never mind the flexibility of freelancers, it's nice to have the opportunity to work with a variety of folk throughout the year. As anyone who runs their own business knows, it can be a solitary, lonely game sometimes; working alone until midday on treatments or shooting cutaways of wet, bleak landscapes at 7am on a Sunday. One of my favorite things about working for myself is the choice I have. I choose the clients, the projects, and the team I work with.

If you're a Camera Operator, Editor, MoGFX Artist, Sound Recordist, etc please feel free to send your CV our way -