Glengoyne Webcasting

Last year we worked with Glocast Webcasting to help livestream an ambitious live whisky tasting project for Scottish distillery Glengoyne. The concept was to open three rare casks of whisky and to conduct a tasting session of the three in front of a live online audience. The audience would ask questions and vote in real time and the winning dram would be bottled for shipping by the end of the year.

You can watch the whole tasting here.

GloCast are specialists in conference and event live web streaming, video, web casts, and webinars. Founder of Glocast, Arran Moffat handled the vision mixing and actually streaming (it can be a tricky process - but he's an absolute pro and nailed it, despite being in the middle of nowhere, north of Glasgow).

We shot the webcast with three beautiful Canon C300 cameras. It was a basic studio setup, two operators between the presenter and expert panel, and a wide stationary in the centre as our safety. The feed was then vision mixed live, adding graphics and a pre-recorded video before the live show itself.

The Glengoyne marketing team kept an eye on the live online chat accompanying the webcast, throwing out questions to the presenter to ask the experts. Finally the online audience voted on the cask they wished to see bottled, with the results instantly announced at the end of the live show.

It was truly a fascinating and exhilarating experience to be a part of. The HD online version was made available shortly after the live event with a Q&A session film also produced and available to watch a few months after the event.