Project Profile: Children of Romania

A few years back, we met with Congleton-based charity Children of Romania to discuss producing a film showing the work they do in the eastern European countries. Months later we joined a group of their trustees and supporters on a trip to Romania to see some of the places their funding in the UK supports.

Watch the film here.

Children of Romania (Congleton) are a British charity which supports, financially and practically, the Saint Francis Foundation, which runs children’s homes in Transylvania, Romania. Most of the children are ethnically Hungarian, and are amongst the poorest people in Europe. The charity have a large say in where the money they raise is spent, tending to concentrate on two aspects of the Foundation’s work – Congleton House, in the village of Torocko, and the after school clubs in Felsosofalva.

Our promotional film features supporters and organisers of the charity, focusing on the group’s journey from England to Romania. Once there, they visited groups of children that the charity aims to help. We wanted to show the poor living conditions many orphaned children living in Romania have to suffer with, and to underline the on-going work the charity is doing to help improve their unfortunate situation.

It was an eye opening experience, and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I just hope that the film we produced for the charity goes some way to help their efforts in supporting the children living in Romania. The charity uses the film as a promotional tool at events to help illustrate the cause they are working so hard for.